We would like to share with you recent developments regarding our anti-corrosion coating for steel. We are currently in the phase of immersion testing and testing against CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation), where our coating is being assessed for its performance and durability.
As we continue these tests, we would like to remind you of some key features of our patent pending anti-corrosion coating:
Application number: PCT/EP2023/077876
Applicant: GMD Metal Coating BV

Effective protection: Our coating provides effective protection against corrosion, extending the service life of steel structures without compromising on performance.
Reduction of harmful substances: Our coating minimises the emission of harmful substances during production, application and use, reducing environmental impact.
Durability: Our coating is designed with durability in mind, resulting in long-term corrosion protection and reducing maintenance intervals.
Energy-efficient: The production process of our coating is designed with energy efficiency in mind, contributing to lower CO2 emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

We are confident that the results of our immersion and CUI tests will show that our anti-corrosion coating meets the highest standards of performance and durability.
We look forward to sharing more details on the results of these tests soon and working with you to implement this innovative solution in your projects. For further questions or information, please feel free to contact us.

What is Proterium®?

Proterium® is a metal coating in aluminium or zinc and has ideal qualities for large-scale, industrial use. A single layer of Proterium® provides optimum protection against corrosion – expected to last as long as 20 years. And it is precisely this one-layer system that makes Proterium® so unique among metal coatings: other coatings require three to four layers for the same result.


Within the total range of anti-corrosion metal coatings, Proterium® offers many advantages:
  • Twenty-year life expectancy at a layer thickness of 150 mµ – which is equivalent to one layer of Proterium®.

  • Savings from the one-layer system, namely in terms of labour costs, time and logistics.

  • A self-healing ability: in case of damage, Proterium® repairs itself, so rust has no chance of manifesting itself underneath and, as a result, Proterium® can also be used to repair damaged galvanised objects.

  • Proterium® is available in aluminium or zinc. The basic colours are grey or grey-blue but, if required, the metal coating can be painted over in any colour.

  • No additional investment required: Proterium® can be applied with conventional equipment.

  • More environmentally friendly than other metal coatings: just one coat of Proterium® is enough for an expected service life of twenty years.


Proterium can be applied in the following industries:

• Onshore

• Offshore

• Engineering

• Shipbuilding

• Bridge construction

• Wind farms

• Yellow good-sector

• Tank construction

Proterium® is a metal coating in aluminium or zinc and protects against corrosion. It can be applied with conventional equipment and is available in kits consisting of three components: binder, metal and hardener. One layer of 150 mµ Proterium® offers a life expectancy of 20 years. The one-layer system sets Proterium® apart from all other metal coatings.

Tested by Element

Proterium® has undergone several physical pilots and chemical tests by Element Materials Technology – to ensure that the product meets high industry standards. And it does! The Element test C5 Very High in accordance with ISO 12944 has already been accomplished. And the testing continues: the Element test for ISO 12944 CX and Offshore in accordance with Part 9 is pending. Want to know more about these tests? Get in touch with us. Please contact us

The name says it all: Proterium is a compound of the word protection and the Latin word metallicum (metal).

Who we are

At Proterium®, we believe in innovation, agility and sustainability. In the metal coatings market, we looked for innovation and developed a product that meets high quality standards and fits in with the times.

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Proterium® is part of GMD Metal Coating.

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