What is Proterium®?

Proterium® is a metal coating in aluminium or zinc and has ideal qualities for large-scale, industrial use. A single layer of Proterium® provides optimum protection against corrosion – expected to last as long as 20 years. And it is precisely this one-layer system that makes Proterium® so unique among metal coatings: other coatings require three to four layers for the same result.


Within the total range of anti-corrosion metal coatings, Proterium® offers many advantages:
  • Twenty-year life expectancy at a layer thickness of 150 mµ – which is equivalent to one layer of Proterium®.

  • Savings from the one-layer system, namely in terms of labour costs, time and logistics.

  • A self-healing ability: in case of damage, Proterium® repairs itself, so rust has no chance of manifesting itself underneath and, as a result, Proterium® can also be used to repair damaged galvanised objects.

  • Proterium® is available in aluminium or zinc. The basic colours are grey or grey-blue but, if required, the metal coating can be painted over in any colour.

  • No additional investment required: Proterium® can be applied with conventional equipment.

  • More environmentally friendly than other metal coatings: just one coat of Proterium® is enough for an expected service life of twenty years.


Proterium can be applied in the following industries:

• Onshore

• Offshore

• Engineering

• Shipbuilding

• Bridge construction

• Wind farms

• Yellow good-sector

• Tank construction

Proterium® is a metal coating in aluminium or zinc and protects against corrosion. It can be applied with conventional equipment and is available in kits consisting of three components: binder, metal and hardener. One layer of 150 mµ Proterium® offers a life expectancy of 20 years. The one-layer system sets Proterium® apart from all other metal coatings.

Tested by Element

Proterium® has undergone several physical pilots and chemical tests by Element Materials Technology – to ensure that the product meets high industry standards. And it does! The Element test C5 Very High in accordance with ISO 12944 has already been accomplished. And the testing continues: the Element test for ISO 12944 CX and Offshore in accordance with Part 9 is pending. Want to know more about these tests? Get in touch with us. Please contact us

The name says it all: Proterium is a compound of the word protection and the Latin word metallicum (metal).

Who we are

At Proterium®, we believe in innovation, agility and sustainability. In the metal coatings market, we looked for innovation and developed a product that meets high quality standards and fits in with the times.

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Proterium® is part of GMD Metal Coating.

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